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Berit's Double Hearts

Cardigan, Hat, and Glittens

(Sold separately. Glittens are a Glove/Mitten hybrid - see the pictures.)

Shopping options Sweater PDF $12
Glitten PDF $6
Hat PDF $6


Berit's Double Hearts Cardigan

This pattern is modeled after the åklær (Norwegain coverlets) woven in the mid 1800's by Berit Hilmo.
Hearts= love,  Pelicans = Christian Charity,  Branch = Life and Death
Saint Hallvard's Crown for the Patron Saint of Oslo
Åtte bladen rose (eight petaled star) for Protection

My friend Mollie and her horse Melvin

Pattern is made in Rauma Finullgarn, a fingering weight wool
Sizes from Small (39.5") - XL (52.5"). Sweater pattern contains a very complete instruction + all charts

Berit's Double Hearts Glittens

Tops flip back with half finger gloves inside. Can also be knit as mittens if preferred. Made in Rauma Finullgarn for a Woman or Man
Complete Instruction and charts. Very warm and easy to make!


Berit's Double Hearts Hat

A hat to match the Berit's Cardigan and Glittens
Size Women's Medium  

Showing the hat

Made with size 2 US/ needles.
This pattern takes 1 ball each of 2 colors of Rauma Finullgarn or comparable fingering weight wool.